Course Info for A36

This is our companion class to our Python Programming class introduces students to  the Python programming language. In this class, students will learn programming design skills to incorporate into a simple game. The key coding concepts covered in this class include variables, loops, conditionals, and interrupts. Students should be comfortable typing on a standard computer keyboard prior to enrolling, as this class involves text-based coding. New and current students are welcomed!

Level 3.0
Ages 12-17
Prerequisites None
Class Size 10 students
Cost $275.00

55 min x 12 weeks


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We accept charter funds from the following schools:   Blue Ridge Academy, Cabrillo Point Academy, California Enrichment Academy, Compass Charter Schools, Epic Charter Schools, Excel Academy, Golden Valley Charter School, Gorman Learning Center, Granite Mountain Charter School, Heartland Charter School, iLEAD, Mission Vista Academy, National University Academy, Peak Prep Pleasant Valley, Sage Oak Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School

Cancel Deadline 01/20/2020