Course Info for P111

Come together with like-minded students who want to learn real-world engineering skills and tools to innovate for a greater purpose.  Each session will include hands-on learning plus open lab time for our club members to experiment and create.  The club will be led by an Engineering Mentor with experience leading tech teams in industry as well as in the classroom.  The ultimate goal of the Barnabas Innovation Club is to use the skills learned in our club to solve real-world problems that will improve our communities.


3D-Printing, Laser Cutting, Programming, Soldering/Breadboarding, Industrial Design, Lean Start Up (Prototyping) Methodology, Design Thinking, Project Management/Budgeting

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Level 1.7
Ages 8-12
Prerequisites None
Class Size 10 students
Cost $115.00

3 sessions x 1.5 hours per session

(Includes basic robot-buliding materials)


We accept charter funds from the following schools:   Blue Ridge Academy, Cabrillo Point Academy, California Enrichment Academy, Compass Charter Schools, Epic Charter Schools, Excel Academy, Golden Valley Charter School, Gorman Learning Center, Granite Mountain Charter School, Heartland Charter School, iLEAD, Mission Vista Academy, National University Academy, Peak Prep Pleasant Valley, Sage Oak Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School

Cancel Deadline 01/24/2020