Course Info for L6

This intermediate course is a continuation of the LEVEL I, Introduction to Robotics course.  In addition to a review of breadboarding, micro-controller programming and computer-aided design, students will be introduced to the world of sensors and continuous servo motors. These new tools will allow students to create a moving car robot that moves and thinks on its own.  Students will be able to customize their robots and take their creations home at the end of the semester.  They will also practice writing and communication skills through daily journaling and interactive group activities throughout the course.  Class sizes are limited to 8 total students to ensure individualized, hands-on instruction.

Level 2.0
Ages 12 and up
Prerequisites if no completion of Level 1
Class Size 8 students
Cost $330.00

(robot included)


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We accept charter funds from the following schools:   Aveson Charter School, California Enrichment Academy, Compass Charter School, Epic Charter School, Excel Academy, Golden Valley Charter School, Gorman Learning Center, iLead Schools, Inspire Charter Schools, National University Academy, Sage Oak Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School, Summit Academy, Valiant Academy of Los Angeles, Valiant Academy of Santa Barbara, Valiant Academy of Southern California


Prerequisite:  Completion of Level 1

(Only students ages 12 & up may sign up for our Level 2 class without having taken Level 1.)

Accepted Charters: California Enrichment Academy, Compass, Excel, Golden Valley, Gorman, iLead, Inspire, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, Summit Academy, & Valiant

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